Course News


August 2017

It has been a while since I did a proper update on course maintenance, my apologies, I will make a point of doing this more regularly

At last ! we have some drier conditions, lets hope it continues.

It has been brought up that the greens have been somewhat uneven recently, this is true, having large rain events has contributed to these conditions. Excessive rain and fluctuating soil temp have caused our Poa-annua greens to seed for a longer period than normal, this coupled with some disease (fusarium) has cause the surfaces to be a little uneven in places. Another bad aspect of soft conditions is that all negatives such as unrepaired ball marks, foot traffic from large volumes of play all contribute to bumpy greens. What we have tried to do to alleviate these conditions is a number of different cultural practices such as:

• Verticutting- to thin out the density of the turfstand., particularly lateral growth. Some localised seeding has also been done on 14, 15, and 16th greens.

• Topdressing- this was done 3 weeks ago-applying a layer of sand which among other agronomic benefits, acts as a smoothing technique.

• Rolling- to gain speed and also act as a smoothing technique. Is being done on a regular basis.

• Brushing- daily to help stand the individual grass plants prior to cutting, this will provide less resistance and smother ball roll.

Some of these practices are done every day; others are done when conditions and weather safely allow us to do them. I am increasing the intensity of these operations as required, the surfaces are monitored on a daily basis.

The rough has certainly thickened up ! Unfortunately it is a little out of our hands right now as grass mowing has to take priority. In late autumn we will spray herbicide and cut the heavy rough. I am confident that this will improve the playability.

I hope this briefly answers some questions that may have come up.


Course Manager