Supplementary Scores (Extra Day Cards)

A Supplementary score (Extra Day Card)  is a score in compliance with Clause 21 (CONGU Unified Handicapping System). A Supplementary Score allows most players to return cards for handicapping purposes outside of designated club competitions.

 A Supplementary Score can be  returned by a player (Handicap Category 2 – 6)  over their  home club and at other clubs in CONGU jurisdiction at which the player is a member. 

A Handicap Category 1 player may only return a Supplementary Score over their home club.

Supplementary Scores can be returned over an 18-Hole or 9-Hole measured course when Qualifying Conditions prevail and tees used are for the relevant gender.

Players in Handicap Category 2 – 6 may return an unlimited number of scores per year.

There is no restriction to the number of scores returned in a single week.

Players with Exact Handicaps in the range 2.5 – 5.4 may return a maximum of 10 per year.

Players with Exact Handicaps in the range 2.4 to Plus Handicaps may return scores at any time to re-instate a lost ”c” status.  However if “c” status is held they may only return Supplementary Scores during the period 01 September to 31 December in a calendar year and only the number of scores required to retain the “c” status.

A player wishing to return a Supplementary Score must register his intention with the starter and sign his card out.  Failure to return a card will result in a 0.1 increase in Exact Handicap.

There is not CSS adjustment and handicap adjustments are made against the SSS.

Stroke play and Stableford  format is acceptable.