The Glen Member's Survey 2018, Results



The survey was conducted by e-mail using the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) standard survey over a four week period between the middle of January and the middle of February. A request along with the questionnaire was sent to 646 members of the Glen Golf Club and replies were received from 35% of this number, which compares favourably with a 31% national average.

Each person completing the questionnaire was asked to rate their answers using a sliding scale where 1 represented very poor and 10 was excellent. When the findings were analysed a total was arrived at for each question and then divided by the number of respondents to arrive at a mean score or mean percentage.                          


Key Findings

Asked 'How important is the Condition of the Course' - the rating was 9.18, while the consensus was that The Glen came close, being rated 8.65, with one area bringing the total down, the Practice Facilities.

To determine the feelings about social and competitive golf, respondents were asked 'How important to you are competitions' - the general consensus was they were pretty important at 7.22, although 5.91 indicated they preferred to play social golf. There was only minority support for mixed competitions, while playing in 3's was the preference for 7.30.

To establish feelings about social events, participants were asked 'How important social events were' - the response was 4.04, i.e. not very important. When asked about bringing others partners/friends/children many over 8.00, considered they were comfortable doing this.

Views were sought on 'How satisfied members were with the clubhouse' -

Overall the score was 7.73, i.e. pretty happy. Although, this was an often visited topic in the Any Other Comments section.

Turning to the food at the club, respondents were asked 'How important this was to them'  - this rated a 8.00 score, with the quality, variety and value all scoring below expectation, especially the value for money which scored 6.51.

Regarding the bar, respondents were asked 'How important is the beverage operation'  - this rated as 7.42, but interestingly, all aspects i.e. appearance, selection, quality all exceeded this score with only value for money marginally missing this target.

Next, attention turned to the Professional's shop where respondents recorded a 7.22 score. Pleasingly, all ratings regarding retail and coaching easily exceeded this total.

Respondents were asked to determine 'How important members services were' - this was rated at 7.93. The club wanted to find out what methods of communication worked and what didn't. Both Facebook and Twitter were used by a minority, while e-mail and the club website were viewed as the main contact methods. Although, this did raise many valid points within the Any Comments Section.

Asked about 'How important customer service was' - members rated this at 8.91, pretty high, with current levels achieving marginally below this figure right across all staff sectors, except the admin staff which exceeded the expected level.

Attention now turned to Visitors - a majority, 5.89, considered this did not effect them and this response was supported by fewer than half who indicated that too many visitors were allowed to play at The Glen.

Consideration turned to the Management and Committee, when respondents were asked 'How important is the management of the club'   - this rated a score of 8.77. While most were satisfied with finances, the committees and management overall, the one area which recorded marginally lower marks was that of transparency.

Critically, asked about 'Overall satisfaction with club' - this recorded a 8.55 score, while the 'Value for Money' - was rated 8.53 and interestingly, 9.07 would 'Recommend this golf club to my friends'.

Finally, there was a very positive view held on The Glen hosting events such as the US Kids which recorded a score of 8.39. While it was considered a good idea to install additional CCTV in and around the clubhouse which scored 7.48.