The Greenkeeping staff have plans to undertake both routine maintenance and special works during the course of the winter months. This has already started with more intense preparation of winter greens to ensure the surface is suitable for putting, for a temporary period should this be required either because of frost or working on particular greens. On-going work will entail remoulding and revetting bunkers, cutting back the rough, sanding and vert-draining of greens and tees. 

W/c  12 November  =  light sanding of all greens in progress

W/c  19 November  =  vert-draining of all greens and tees.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this work causes, but by devoting time to the course in the winter it should pay big dividends during the summer season, ensuring you have a super course to play on and that visitors also enjoy their experience.

Not more sand!

“I hear this quite a lot, our aim is to get 100 tonnes of sand on the putting surfaces each year. The sand injection or coring gets around 60 tonnes in total if done biannually, the remaining 40 tonnes is used when we apply 4-5 light dressings per year. We try to avoid sanding in the middle of the season, so that leaves the winter to complete this work. Sanding firms the surface, breaks down the spongy thatch layer and thus helps to prevent disease. Believe me I wouldn’t go out and disturb the golf, not to mention blunt the mowers and spend good money on sand if it wasn’t necessary. Everyone likes greens that putt like glass, what is glass made of ? - sand!”

Des Kerr,

Course Manager.