Investing in the Greens

Following a visit earlier this summer by a course agronomist at STRI, organic matter measurements were taken and it was established that to further improve the green in the long term, more extensive action is required in September this year.

The Graden machine

The Graden machine

This work involves hiring a special machine called a Graden, which removes grass and soil, then injects the newly created cores with sand. The cores this time will be double the depth achieved in the past and will consequently require twice as much sand to fill. This machine removes far more grass and soil than coring alone which has been our standard approach in the past.

Although the process will bring some disruption, it is confined to a four day period which is HALF the time taken last year. Setting aside a few days his September will mean we can look forward to even better greens in the future.

To summarise, the benefits will be:

  • firmer, truer greens,
  • reduced likelihood of disease,
  • better drainage,
  • less need for fertiliser in future,
  • quicker completion of the task,
  • 50% less disruption for members.

The work will commence on Tuesday 4th of September and last for up to 4 days,