GIG II is Underway

Get into Golf (GIG) has now started with a second group of novices who are keen to learn the basics of the game. There are 6 ladies signed-up for the Group, although only 4 could make it for this session, the first of six weekend sessions making up the golf Taster Programme. This week was about getting a feel for chipping and finding out more about golf equipment, golf clothing and golf accessories. Next week the ladies get in the swing, when full swing shots will be tried out.

Alex White Trophy - Saturday 8th Sept.

On the advice of Scottish Golf the Alex White Trophy on Saturday 8th Sept will be a non-qualifying competition. Members wishing their score to count for handicap must sign the "Extra Day Card" book prior to play - the book is kept with the starter.

The trophy and sweeps will be unaffected by this decision and will be played for as normal.

The result of the work with the Graden machine does effect the quality of the green initially but will reap benefits in the longer term.

Marion Currie, Match Secretary

Help to trace past Captains

The Club are currently preparing photographs of past Captains for display in the clubhouse. A great deal of work has been done in this respect by a few dedicated members but we are still missing 3 photographs, which we are now requesting your help to trace.


The past Captains are;


Henry Murray – Capt. 1928 – 1930

Born 1901

Married to Sarah Symington.

Worked for Midlothian Council

Known as Rougie Murray


William Laing – Capt. 1949-1952 & 1955 – 1959


John Smith – Capt. 1952 – 1953

Born 1909

Died 1993

Married to Ada Waggott in 1935


Anybody with photographs of these men or any details of family members that we can contact in this respect please get in touch with the office on 01620 892726 (option 2).

Investing in the Greens --Job Done!--

The disruption to normal play experienced over a few days in the last two weeks is now over.  The Graden machine has done its work, so we now wait to see the results.  They will not be instantaneous, but instead be slow paced, giving the grass and greens time to recover. This was the first occasion the greens staff at The Glen had used the Graden machine, so to some extent the process was a trial, but a trial based on good results being achieved at other clubs.  Thank you for your patience while this essential task was being undertaken and until the surface of the greens is restored to normal. 


Investing in the Greens

Following a visit earlier this summer by a course agronomist at STRI, organic matter measurements were taken and it was established that to further improve the green in the long term, more extensive action is required in September this year.

 The Graden machine

The Graden machine

This work involves hiring a special machine called a Graden, which removes grass and soil, then injects the newly created cores with sand. The cores this time will be double the depth achieved in the past and will consequently require twice as much sand to fill. This machine removes far more grass and soil than coring alone which has been our standard approach in the past.

Although the process will bring some disruption, it is confined to a four day period which is HALF the time taken last year. Setting aside a few days his September will mean we can look forward to even better greens in the future.

To summarise, the benefits will be:

  • firmer, truer greens,
  • reduced likelihood of disease,
  • better drainage,
  • less need for fertiliser in future,
  • quicker completion of the task,
  • 50% less disruption for members.

The work will commence on Tuesday 4th of September and last for up to 4 days,

GIG at the Glen

Earlier this summer the club introduced a national scheme, Get into Golf, at the Glen.  Such was the level of interest a second series is planned for the autumn.  Specifically aimed at beginners to golf, the six coaching sessions last between 1.25 - 2 hours and will be held on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  We'll provide the clubs and balls, all they need is a pair of trainers.  The first of the new series will be held on Saturday 22 September 10.00am.  Places will be limited and will cost £60, so if YOU KNOW anyone who might be interested please ask them to call Fraser on 894126 to find out more and book a place.